What kind of routine QC testing is required?

As a service to our customers we want to be sure everyone is aware of a couple of the ACR requirements for accreditation. This is from the ACR Nuclear Medicine/PET Accreditation Program Requirements, 2/6/13.

“A physics survey must be performed on each Gamma Camera or PET unit at least annually.” This includes the annual camera QC tests and the annual phantom scans for both routine nuclear medicine and/or PET. All test data must be sent to a qualified medical physicist for review and report preparation. Further, “the qualified practicing medical physicist should meet with the supervising physician and the QC technologist to review the results of the survey and the effectiveness of the technologist QC program, and to recommend any corrective action or repairs that are needed.” NPC will be adding signature lines for the physician and the appropriate technologist in our reports to verify that all involved are aware of the test results. For you information” The supervising physician is responsible for assuring compliance with the recommendations of the medical physicist.”

Also, the ACR requires semi-annual QC testing with the SPECT/PET phantom. “At this time, the ACR strongly recommends quarterly testing of each system with an appropriate phantom in addition to other tests recommended by the vendor. At a minimum, testing with the appropriate phantom must be performed semi-annually.” This requires that the phantom is imaged and evaluated. The evaluation can be by the technologist.

NPC offers programs for either information review and report preparation or on site annual ACR testing. If you would like to change any of your current programs, contact your consultant.

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