We want to become accredited. What is our first step?

The short answer is: Call your NPC consultant! For nuclear medicine or PET accreditation, contact Dave Close or Sharon Long. For CT, MRI, breast MRI, mammography ultrasound, breast ultrasound, or stereotactic breast biopsy accreditation, contact Bob Kobistek.

You should also visit the website of the accrediting body, the American
College of Radiology
, The
Joint Commission
, or the Intersocietal
Accreditation Commission
. For ACR accreditations, you should download the program requirements documents and read them over. There are also clinical imaging guides which you should eventually also read. Be sure to contact your NPC representative early in the process. We need to schedule visits for phantom imaging, and we can help answer your questions along the way.

Direct links to the ACR Program Requirements Documents are as follows:

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