Nuclear Medicine

Regulatory Compliance


The use of radioactive materials is regulated by either the Nuclear Regulatory or specific Agreement States. The volume and complexity of NRC and Agreement State rules can be overwhelming. Your NPC consultant will provide assistance with all regulatory issues. For example:

  • Upon the request of our clients and receipt of the needed information NPC will prepare all State or NRC radioactive materials license requests including original applications, amendments and renewals. After the preparation all our clients need to do is review, sign and submit the documents to the NRC or Agreement State. The NRC and State agencies are continually changing and updating the rules and regulations for the use of radioactive materials. NPC monitors the changes and strives to keep our clients informed of any changes that would affect their program.
  • Agreement States and the NRC conduct routine inspections of the licensee’s radioactive material usage program. In the event that a variance is identified or a violation issued, NPC will recommend corrective actions and assist the client in the preparation of the appropriate response.

Radiation Safety


The use of radioactive materials provides all users with very specific challenges in regard to radiation safety. It is imperative that all licensees monitor the exposures to both workers and the public at large. To assist the client in this area NPC consultants complete the following tasks on behalf of the client:

  • Perform audits of the radiation safety program.
  • Inventory and leak test all sealed sources. Results are provided in a report format that is acceptable to the regulatory agencies.
  • Review all exposure monitoring results. In the event of a lost or damaged monitor, NPC will prepare any needed exposure estimates.
  • Upon the request of the client, calculate any needed fetal dose estimates.

Equipment Services


NPC will provide assistance in the selection of the equipment needed to set up a nuclear medicine department. Once the set up is complete, the NPC consultant will provide the following testing on each unit as requested by the client or required by state or federal rules:

  • Acceptance testing of new imaging equipment in accordance with NEMA standards.
  • Perform or review the results of dose calibrator evaluations, including geometry, accuracy, constancy, and linearity.
  • Annual survey meter calibration.
  • Evaluate and perform efficiency calculations for both uptake probes and well detectors. Set up the units for the accurate performance of bioassays and wipe tests.

Facility Operation Assistance


Client facilities want and need to maintain a safe environment for both staff and patients. Additionally, regulatory agencies require facilities to practice continuous quality control. Your NPC consultant will provide the following services to assure client success in these areas.

  • Attend Radiation Safety Committee Meetings.
  • Provide annual radiation safety training to radiation workers.
  • Review policy and procedure manuals.
  • Assist with the required annual management review of the radiation safety program.
  • Review the facility quality management program.
  • Review day to day records in the nuclear medicine department and provide recommendations for record keeping improvements if needed.
  • Provide various required postings and forms.

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