Accreditation Services

Accreditation is a way of telling your patients that you care about quality. The Center for Medicare Services requires all freestanding imaging centers who are reimbursed under Medicare Part B to be accredited by an approved accrediting body by January 1, 2012 in order to continue to be reimbursed. NPC consultants are experts in helping […]

Health Physics

National Physics Consultants provides health physics services to commercial, research and veterinary facilities. NPC can assist with radioactive material use programs and with the use of radiation generating equipment. NPC can support radioactive material use programs by: Drafting license applications/amendments Assisting with inspection responses Providing recommendations for the radiation safety program Performing radiation safety program […]

Radiology Consulting

Radiation Safety The benefit of ionizing radiation to the practice of medicine is huge. Unfortunately, however, the use of ionizing radiation for medical diagnosis also carries risks to both the patient and the providers. For that reason, expert oversight of a comprehensive radiation safety program is essential. NPC consultants are experts at setting up, maintaining, […]

Nuclear Medicine

Regulatory Compliance The use of radioactive materials is regulated by either the Nuclear Regulatory or specific Agreement States. The volume and complexity of NRC and Agreement State rules can be overwhelming. Your NPC consultant will provide assistance with all regulatory issues. For example: Upon the request of our clients and receipt of the needed information […]

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