ACR Publishes the Long-Awaited Digital Mammography QC Manual (FINALLY!)

Yes FINALLY! The ACR has published its Digital mammography QC manual (but you can’t start using it until 2017). The site can opt to use the new ACR QC manual or continue to use the manufacturer’s manual.

The manual is being provided free of charge to accredited sites by the ACR.  For more information visit the ACR website.

NPC endorses the use of the ACR manual, however it would require the site to purchase a new phantom.  In some cases, using the new manual would result in less time spent by the technologist on routine QC, and in all cases, the amount of time spent by the physicist on QC would be reduced.  NPC will reduce its physicist fees for sites using the new manual.  Talk to or Email Bob Kobistek for more information about this.

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